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Every problem can be solved, with courtesy and consideration.

If you want to email us about a problem, please FIRST READ THIS WHOLE PAGE, AND THEN READ THE HELP/FAQ page.  

If you are having registration problems, please go through the step by step instructions in the registration email we sent you, and tell us which step seems to be giving you trouble.

If you still need further help, email us and tell us:

(a) Which part of the page refers to your problem;
(b) the NAME of the saver with which you are having trouble
(c) what Windows version you are using
(d) what RAM (memory) your computer has
(e) what your Processor is (486, Pentium II, or whatever CPU)
(f) whether you have Real Audio/Jukebox installed.

Please give a relevant subject line

If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please EMAIL US AGAIN. Your mail could have gone astray in cyberspace, or been blocked by our ISP, or been eaten by our anti-spam program - anything is possible these days. Of course, if it's a holiday period, please give more time - we are human and may be taking a break from work.

IMPORTANT: if you have blinded your email server, or have filters on your email program, or your ISP is bouncing, or your email box is full - please don't blame us if you don't hear from us!   Please ensure that your email/spam programs are set to accept mail from the following:

If you have done all the above - ESPECIALLY reading the HELP/FAQ page first - then here is where to email us:

(As an anti-spam guard, clicking the link won't work; please type the address into your email program.)


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