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All download screen saver upgrades FREE to registered owners. Email us your name, product name, & reg codes
CD Upgrades $10.


SCREEN SHOTS of a few of the pages on the BIRDS GIFT PACK CD. 

This Gift Pack comes as a single CD-ROM and includes 14 Bird-themed screen savers TWO ARE EXCLUSIVE TO THIS CD, (including all necessary registration codes), plus 5 bird related desktop themes not to mention lots of logo screens, email postcards, stationeries and Incredimails, and a huge choice of wallpapers (all images in the slideshow savers can now be used as wallpapers)

It also contains a large selection (up to 100) of our free LITE screen savers, Outlook Express email stationery, Incredimail Letter Styles, and more shareware for you to try out - not listed here.

Audubon Animated, Audubon Raptors, Audubon Water Birds, Audubon Wild Birds #1, Audubon Wild Birds #2, Audubon Wild Birds Megasaver, Bevy of Birds, Birds Animated, Birds of Prey & Power, Birds of Water, Flight of Fantasy, Owls in Overview, Parrot Paradise and Penguins On Parade

Birds of a Feather, Owl in Blue, Swan Lake, The Birds, Watch the Birdie


$10 - FREE Shipping

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