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All download screen saver upgrades FREE to registered owners. Email us your name, product name, & reg codes
CD Upgrades $10.



SCREEN SHOTS of a few of the screens in the ANGELS SPECTACULAR saver.

This saver pack contains all the images from the Canvas of Angels #1, Canvas of Angels #2, and Christmas Angels Canvas savers = 100 images in total, and 32 pieces of Christmas/Classical music. Use any of the screens as desktop wallpaper! Images are high dpi and the saver is set to automatically fit them to your screen size, retaining good quality.


-  Turn the music off (or back on again)
-  Choose the order that the images appear (random or sequencial)  
-  Choose to fit the images to your screen size or have the original size displayed  
-  Change the time delay  - in other words, adjust the time that each picture displays on your screen  
-  Up to 51 transition effects to choose from  
-  Wallpaper facility allows you to use any image as your desktop wallpaper

Available only on our ANGELS GIFT PACK CD.




 Screen Savers and Desktop Themes on this site are created
with photographs and graphics used under licence from their
owners, and are made by Maverick Ultra-Media/ScreenCraft.
All rights reserved.

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